~About Me~

My name is Michelle A. Bailey and I am an author service provider. I'm married to my other half. We often pick on each other (out of love of course) and have Harry Potter marathons and late night runs to get ice cream or pizza. Couldn't ask for a better husband. I am the proud mommy of my adorable little sidekick 'Damian'. I am a stay at home mommy who goes on many adventures through shark filled waters, lava flowing lands, monkey and spider filled jungles all while being saved by my trusty sidekick. I believe having an imagination is the key to expressing yourself, and (through writing) what better way to explore your imagination and bring it to life?  I'm not an author myself, but I have wrote several short stories and many, many poems. Poetry is my favorite hobby. I hope to one day publish my own poetry book and be up there with the greats, although I can't top Poe. Gotta love some dark poetry<3 I am fairly new to the author business, but I am learning more and more everyday. I'm a real easy-going person, a very hard worker, easy to get along with and I look forward to meeting new clients and assisting in any way that I can. 🙂